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"Rest in reason; move in passion." ~ Khalil Gibran
Lynn Oldshue

Lynn Oldshue

Writer. Editor. Lover of Music & Arts.

About Lynn

I grew up in Yazoo City, Mississippi and live with my husband and two boys in Fairhope, Alabama. Down here you can meet an internationally-known sculptor while recycling trash behind the courthouse or make friends with some of the South’s best musicians while attending a house concert on a small farm in Silverhill. Soon one story, one friendship, leads to another. We started The Southern Rambler to share these stories and bring attention to the artists, musicians, and culture of the Gulf Coast.

Michelle Stancil

Michelle Stancil

Photographer. Memory Maker. Lover of Music & Arts.

About Michelle

I think I will always consider myself an amateur photographer… [amateur (n.) 1784, “one who has a taste for (something),” from French amateur “lover of,” from Latin amatorem (nom. amator)]

Photography is not how I make my living, but photography is what makes my life interesting, full and rewarding. Having come from a corporate/executive telecom background for 20 years, the last three years have given me the time to reconnect with my creative side; and the journey has not only expanded my world, but it has expanded me. As a freelance and often volunteer photographer, my favorite venues always include music, sports, nature, and the abstract. Time behind the camera is like a vacation… a time to make memories while seeking enjoyment in the unplanned, in the moments in-between. Being a contributor to The Southern Rambler has thrust me into meeting amazing people with talents beyond what the camera can capture.

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Kim Pearson

Keith Necaise

Stephanie Drake

Stephen Savage

Catt Sirten