Becoming Ursula Changed Me – Marti Foster


“Becoming Ursula is a transformation for me. I am a mother of three and on stage I get to boss people around and they actually listen to me. My kids have done several shows with ESRT and I have always wanted to do it. My husband says I have never seen a stage I didn’t like. This is my first show to be in, I have never been in a play. I had a drama teacher in high school who was crummy and shunned me and that killed it for me. The director, Erin Langley, gave me a chance and I have had so much fun and get excited every time I look at the schedule and see I have play practice. I was out with friends at dinner when I got the call about Ursula. My kids are excited and proud for me but they haven’t seen me in this makeup yet. There has been less time with me, but more time with their dad has been good for them. I am doing this for myself, something that never happens. You can’t do that very often as a mama of three. I am so thankful for this chance and have met some amazing people that I would have never met. I love this so much and I am sad we only have a few more days until it is over. I will be more nervous when I see people in the audience. I have a bunch of buddies coming and my sister is driving from Columbus, Georgia with her one month old and two other children because she knows how much this means to me. Being Ursula has changed my life. I want to do more.”

(The Little Mermaid is May 11-13 on the bluff in Fairhope.)

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