Katie Pastore, Associate Producer of Manchester by the Sea


“Doing a Q & A with Manchester by the Sea is a little crazy. Max asked me and my first reaction was no thank you, it will be terrible. I want to hide in the corner of every room I am in. My friend Hunter is from here and talked me into it. I live in New York and have seen the sign for the movie on the subway for a while and it is still exciting or see that or an interview with one of the cast on taxi TV and I still get excited that I know them.  I have worked on stuff that I didn’t get excited about, but I truly love this move and then to see the response to it. I was hoping it would come to Mobile and the Crescent Theater is where I really wanted it to be. This is the theater I wanted to exist in Mobile when I was growing up here. I had to go to Canal Place in New Orleans to see movies. I loved movies and TV when I was a kid. I liked Cheers and Johnny Carson and knew I wanted to work in some capacity. I had it in my mind I wanted to be a director just because I knew something about that. Then I figured out the other aspects and knew I didn’t want to be a director. I went to UMS and then St. Paul. A week after I graduated high school in 2000, I moved to New York for an internship and went to school there. I kept interning during school. My dad is from New Jersey and I grew up going to New York with my parents. I wanted to start in New York. I moved to LA in 2004 for six years and hated every minute of it, but there are more jobs in LA and I would not be doing this if it weren’t for the jobs I had in LA. I was associate producer of Manchester by the Sea and the closest person to the director, Kenny (Lonergran), on this movie. I was there in pre-production and helped with all of the casting and he trusted me. We watched casting tapes all night long and I helped in many of the decisions. He tried to get me a producer credit, but that is political. I adore Kenny and now consider him one of my best friends. That is rare in movies. This is my first associate producer credit, but this movie went so well that it has ruined me for anything else after this. I want to adapt a book into a mini-series and Michelle (Williams) wants to do it. That would never have happened and I wouldn’t have had access to someone like that if it hadn’t been for this movie. I can get meetings with people now. The movie has changed my life. I want to produce more movies and to create TV shows. I don’t want to leave New York, but I loved growing up in Mobile. It is a weird interesting place with a hidden darkness. I like darkness.”


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