Darren Shumaker and Cain Hogsed

Darren Shumaker and Cain Hogsed


“I worked shows for Chris Stapleton where there were only six people and the three other bands on the show and now we are going to the Grammy Awards. We started getting 500 people at shows and we were blown away by that. Then it was 1,000. Now we are moving to amphitheaters and we now don’t know how many tickets we can sell. Some of my first shows were with the Jompson Brothers and we would go in Chris’ truck and the brothers’ Bronco. Now we have a production crew and have gone from a bus and a trailer to two buses and a semi. There will be times this year when we will be out with three semis. We went from no one is interested to everyone is interested. It is a big life change.”

“I have been with Jason Isbell for 5 years. We are about to go out with two buses and a box truck and probably a semi by summer. I started filling in for the tour manager, but they figured out I could do sound too. It got to the point where Jason could have a tour manager and a sound guy. Jason’s growth has been slow and steady instead of a jump and that has been a little easier for us. The album Southeastern changed things, but it took 6-8 months for that to manifest. It will probably be the same for you guys with Chris.”

“We were prepared for a slow, steady climb and then the CMAs happened when Chris won the awards and played with Justin Timberlake and that was a field goal. The CMA Album of the Year Award was never a thought in my mind because Traveller is not commercial country music. It is nice to be involved with music like this. I am never tired of my job and I enjoy sitting in front of Chris and Morgane every night. They are real. ‘Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore’ almost makes me cry because I understand Chris’ heart and where that song is coming from. To work with artists who are as creative as Chris and Jason who write songs that touch people is very special in a world of so much generic music.”

“I was a musician and moved to Nashville as a musician. I started mixing shows for a friend’s band every Tuesday night at the Station Inn. I knew nothing about it, but learned through failure and what success.”

“Darren and I met at the Station Inn. I had a gig at front of house at Bluebird Cafe on Sunday nights and worked sound at a restaurant where I was a cook. I went to work for Cadillac Sky and they went on tour with Mumford and Sons as Mumford was breaking. I learned how to mix in 2,000 seat rooms and I was scared to death, but that size room is where Jason is playing now.”

“When we met, neither one of us had good gigs, so It has been going through this together. We learn from each other and bounce ideas off of each other. It’s like players playing together. We get to mix sold-out shows every night and are doing something that feels important. People will let you know if it sounds good. That makes us better. We are never satisfied and are always looking to do the best. We grow in our jobs as Chris and Jason grow and move to bigger venues.

“I am also the production manager for Chris and I get all the calls. Every sound engineer in Nashville wants our jobs right now.”


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