Jimmy “Duck” Holmes

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes

“We have people from around the world coming to Bentonia for the blues festival. People have been camping on the site for a week. They stop by and fall in love with the place. We have been jukin’ and packed every night this week for open mic. The festival is on the green grass on my property and it is off the chain. Next week I am going to Bolivia for something with American Embassy. I am not excited about flying there. I am not afraid of dying, I just don’t like to fly. I could die right here.”

“How is the new album?”

“I just record them. I don’t listen to them or judge them. I let y’all be the judge. It was a live recording. It picked up the whistle of the train going by and all of the sounds around that day. The only way I listen to it is if I have to play a particular song from the album for a performance. Thank God people love me. They either love me or they are pretending, but they treat me like it is true love. All of the mean people in the world, it has to make you feel good when people love you. It could be vice versa. I am not saying the world is mean, the world is not mean. It has been the same since day one. There are just mean people in the world. But we can’t stop living and functioning because life is going to continue to roll. The way things are now, you have to be careful and pick the places you go and the people you socialize with, but you can’t stop living.”

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