Mobile Rapper Pluto


“My brother and I are Pluto and Kid Kembi. We have our own record label called Parker Boy Entertainment. I have been traveling the country doing music for 10 years but me and my brother joined together a year ago. We have a single called ‘Get Low’ which reached the Top 40 on the emerging artist charts on Billboard. We are also on MTV.com. We have a lot of things going on and try to motivate the kids. We go to schools and tell the story of our lifestyle and where we came from. I grew up in Mobile and then did four years in the Navy. I got out at the end of my four years because my mom went to prison and I had to come back and take care of my little brothers. She just got out after eight years. I opened up two night clubs and started my own entertainment company. I have also been in movies. God is blessing me. I get to show people you don’t have to be a product of your environment. We grew up in the projects and persevered and overcame it. We are still pushing. I keep my brother with me and keep motivating him. We make a good team, he comes up with the music and songs and I handle the business and promotions side. I have to learn whatever we need. Two labels, Def Jam and Epic Records, are looking at us. Our music is a mixture of hip-hop and Mobile with worldwide sounds. I have a college degree in network administration and was IT in the military. Between my parents, I was able to see the best of both worlds. My mom and dad’s side were totally different. My mom’s side let me do whatever I wanted to do. My dad’s side had rules and bedtimes and talked about going into the military and college. My mom was never a bad person, but she had a lot on her plate. She had five kids and took care of other people’s kids too. There were a lot of mouths for her to feed. I don’t fault her for anything. I had the best life and I didn’t know I was struggling when we were struggling.”


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