Muddy Magnolias are the Mississippi Delta and New York City

“Our album came out last October but we spent over a year touring with Gary Clark, Grace Potter and Zac Brown. I don’t know if it took off then or if it took off with the album or if we haven’t taken off yet.”

“We were thrown into it so quickly with the tours, we didn’t have time to think. Being on the road is exhausting and you miss your own bed, but it goes by so fast and you miss it when you aren’t doing it. The best thing to do is to eat right and exercise on the road.”

We are a good and bad influence on each other. If I want to be bad I can call Jessy and If I want to be good, I can count on her too.”

“We met in Nashville through a guy who knew both of us. Jessy saw one of the pictures I took that was framed in his office.”

“It wasn’t a picture of her face or a Glamour Shot of her.”

“It was an old juke joint piano from the Mississippi Delta. My husband is a soybean and corn farmer from Benoit, Mississippi and I lived there for six years before I went to Nashville. I love the Delta, the Mississippi River and the wide open view.”

“We are a mix of the Mississippi Delta and New York City.”

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