Count This Penny

Count This Penny


“We have known each other since we were 15 and have been playing music together for four or five years. We were watching a lot of television and switched to music to do something more constructive. We didn’t cut the chord and then immediately figure out how to play the G chord.”

“There were a few months where this could have been a bad idea.”

“We started with cover songs. Our first cover song was ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Will Kimbrough. We heard it on an Oxford American sampler. Amanda and I were trading songs back and forth. I wrote a song called ‘Brown Bottle’ and Amanda liked it and asked who wrote it. That was a nice compliment and I thought it was time to give songwriting a shot.”

“I had no idea he could do that. I knew it was possible, but I didn’t know it was there.”

“We were just two-dimensional couch sitters, and at that moment music made us three-dimensional.”


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