New 1065 Festival Begins with Pride in Mobile Music and in Mobile

George Clinton (Michelle Stancil)

The sudden death of BayFest two weeks ago wasn’t the devastation of a hurricane but people immediately responded through social media with the same “have to do something” passion and intensity to save the weekend of music in Mobile. In only ten days, the 1065 Festival came together from booking and marketing to staging and sound. The first night was a street festival that felt like Mobile. There was diversity and laughter, singing and dancing up and down Dauphin Street. And it was free.

It was running into people you were happy to see. It was listening to bands you know and one more time appreciating how good Grayson Capps, Corky Hughes, John Milham, Christian Grizzard, Kristy Lee, Eric Erdman, Ryan Balthrop, Harrison McInnis, Christopher Spies, and Jon Cook are. We see them play in venues on the Coast and maybe we take them for granted, but they proved once again that they all deserve to be on bigger stages at any festival.

It was getting a tour of the new Dauphin Street Studio and a reminder that as good as the Mobile music scene is now, it will get better.

It was watching the crowds start small but grow and grow all night until they filled the street for George Clinton. There was a pride and excitement not only in the music but in ourselves for showing up to support something good for Mobile. This was a moment and great idea that didn’t pass us by. Thank you Ben Jernigan, 92Zew, the sponsors, the musicians and everyone involved who saved this weekend and gave us a new festival to be proud of.

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