Thank you Mobile for 1065 Festival

Jamell Richardson (Michelle Stancil)

It is easy to say the¬†1065¬†Festival beat expectations, but there wasn’t even time for building up expectations. Maybe that is why the weekend was relaxed and in the moment, like neighbors coming together. It was well-organized and smooth and music took over as soon as the bands stepped on stage.

Thank you to everyone who made 1065 happen. Those of you who begged and used every contact and favor you had to get convince bands to take a chance on a new festival. Thank you to local bands such who wanted to play and support Mobile. Thank you Los Colognes for your love for Mobile and driving all night from Chicago just to be here. Thank you Wet Willie for bringing everyone together for a 45th reunion show and Smilin’ in the streets of Mobile. Thank you to the bands booked for BayFest who kept Mobile on their schedule.

Thank you to the sponsors who provided the funding to make sure festival was done the right way and making this a free festival that everyone could enjoy. Thank you to every one of you who showed up for one or three days. Together we created higher expectations for the next 1065 and what is possible in Mobile.

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  1. This event was so great! Really enjoyed it!

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