The Hallers


“We are The Hallers. We play loud, angry indie rock. It is a release. We have been together with this lineup for a few months, but the band has been around for a few years.”

“It is a hard to be a rock band and build a following in Mobile, but we are in a city with great musicians. It would be easier if we were a cover band. I make my living playing in a cover band for four hours a night. But you aren’t playing the songs you want to be playing.”

“It is not your art, it is someone else’s.”

“Playing our own songs in our own band is so rewarding. I feel good being able to yell out all of the words I came up with on a page. When someone says, ‘That was awesome. I heard some of the lyrics you said and they resounded with me.’ That is the best day ever and I will ride that high for two months until I get bummed out again because no one wants to come to a local show.”

“This is a big opportunity for us tonight opening for Cute is What we Aim for at The Merry Widow. We are thankful they hire local bands as openers.”

“I am terrified of tonight. I have put on a nonchalant tough guy act for the past few months but I woke up this morning thinking, Oh God, it is today. What am I going to do. What if I mess up? What if I freak out? What if people don’t like it. I have spent the last three hours hyping myself back up. Tonight is the reward.”

“You are supercool man. They can’t smell your fear.”

“Our band has played and practiced enough together that we are in the same headspace. We can read each other and know the energy and body language. We have been playing these songs for a while and they are tight.”

“We have been friends for a long time and worked together at Guitar Center. I was the band’s number one friend and talked my way in.”

“It is hard to find a chemistry that works.”

“Brendan writes the songs and then we add our sound.”

“I come in with the bare bones and ask them what they have. It can be exactly what I wanted or better than what I wanted and inspires me to go in a different direction. They rock the hell out if it and make it a living, breathing piece of art. This is art to me. I love nothing more than to play the little whiney songs I make that start out as scribbles of words. It becomes a real thing when we play for people and they hopefully at least like it.”

“I do the booking and started getting stressed out, but then I realized that not everyone gets to play in a band and play art like this. I am thankful for the opportunities we have and watching our music people to bond together in small ways.”

“Your shirt says Black Titans. Isn’t that another band from Mobile?”

“Yes. I run sound sometimes at the Blind Mule and a few members of the Black Titans are usually hanging out there too. We are fans and friends with them.”

“There is a great little music community around the Blind Mule. We all feed off of each other and are learning from each other. We are trying to space in town stuff out once a month and go out and get fans by playing with friends’ bands all over the country. We are micro networking and it may be gaining five fans at a time but it starts to add up.”

“I hope our fans are going to be here tonight and we get some new ones too. This could be big for us.”



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