The Southern Rambler Magazine is on sale now

tsr cover 2014

The second edition of The Southern Rambler magazine is now on sale. It features local musicians including Lisa Mills, Ferrill Gibbs, Deluxe Trio, Eric Erdman, and Edward David Anderson, and The Mulligan Brothers. Local artists featured are: Bruce Larsen, Charles Smith, Devlin Wilson, and Mob City Metals. The magazine also has stories about 92ZEW, Mobile Symphony Conductor Scott Speck, and writers Joe Formichella, Suzanne Hudson, and Tom Perez.

The magazines are $5 and all proceeds are donated to the music progam at Mobile Arc.  Magazines are sold at Ashland Gallery, Innova Studio, and Gallery 450 in Mobile. Page & Palette, The Copper Column, and The Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, and The Garage Studio in Point Clear.

The magazines are also on sale at The Fog Pond at Blue Moon Farm. Money from those magazines will be donated to the tent fund to help buy a stretch tent so that shows can go on in any weather.

The Southern Rambler magazine was designed by Jodi LaRue with photos by Michelle Stancil, Stephanie Drake, Kim Pearson, Catt Sirten, Keith Necaise, and Christ Helton.